Hi-float gel

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You know that sinking feeling when helium balloons lose their float too soon? Problem solved – with ULTRA HI-FLOAT. What is ULTRA HI-FLOAT? It’s a patented liquid solution that dries inside latex helium-filled balloons to form a coating that helps hold in the helium. A single squirt inside the balloon keeps it floating longer – up to 25 times longer!

Safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, HI-FLOAT is trusted by professional party planners and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Best of all, HI-FLOAT is convenient and easy to use. In fact, you can inflate your balloons a day before the party so that you can concentrate on other preparations. No more last-minute decorating!

So do yourself a party favor – get HI-FLOAT today and keep your balloons floating longer!

Gel is available in following packages:

  • 0,46 l (16 oz) - treats 100 balloons 11"; pump included
  • 0,68 l (24 oz) - treats 142 balloons 11", without pump (sell separately)
  • 2,7 l (96 oz) - treats 568 balloons 11", without pump (sell separately)

How to use Hi-Float gel? See the movie.