Printed latex balloons

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A dozen years ago, balloons printing equipment was big, bulky and setup times for each job took hours. To save time and cost, balloons were imprinted with designs as birthday balloons, wedding balloons, halloween balloons, etc. in big quantities. Since that time, balloons printing industry has changed. New technologies gave made it possible to print short runs at reasonable prices.

Personalized balloons are a great way to add a personal touch to any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding day, Bridal shower, Baby shower or even a corporate event, we can print your personal message on balloons to complete your show.

Why do businesses use custom printed balloons? Simply, because giving away a balloon with your logo or message is an excellent marketing tool. It’s not just a giveaway, it becomes a walking billboard for your business and can bring attention to a stand at a trade show and outside events.

Whether you are a new business trying to increase awareness or established business trying to increase enrollment and client base, we invite you to give our custom balloons a try, you will soon realize you have found a great marketing tool that costs pennies and produces huge returns. 

  • Minimum order quantity is 200 pcs only (imprint in 1 colour),
  • Imprints in 1 up to 8 colours,
  • Imprints on 1 side, 2 sides, 4 sides and on the top of balloons,
  • Wide range of balloons colours, included pastel, crystal and metallic,
  • Available sizes: 11”, 12”, 24”, 36” (round shape); 11” heart shape,
  • Simple text project free of charge.

We use 100% biodegradable balloons. They are broken down by micro-organism in the soil, water and air over a period of approximately 1 year. We care about users safety, that’s why balloons hold Intertek certificate and every balloon’s bag contains a leaflet with safety information, according to UE directive 20009/48/WE concern toys safety.

How to make the proper artwork?

  • Graphic files must be provided in vectors; we accept the following formats:  CDR (Corel Draw), AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS or PDF,
  • Fonts must be changed to vectors,
  • Raster files to CMYK printing (pictures, multicoloured artworks) must have 300 dpi resolution at least,
  • Simple text projects we prepare free of charge.

Technical information:

  • In case of multicoloured printing, balloons are printed inflated, so we can't always print with close registration (colours touching each other on the balloon may move from 2 to 3mm),
  • We mix paints according to Pantone colours from 1000 pcs. We require an extra charge. Volume below 1000 pcs - printing in basic colours,
  • We always make maximum size imprints on balloons. Maximum printing area is presenting in chart below.

We recommend you to see our printing balloons guide.

balloons colours chart
inks colour chart