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We are the official BELBAL balloons distributor in Poland.

Belbal balloons are known for their intensity and consistency of colour. Belbal's standard offering covers three different color groups:

  • pastel (standard, non-transparent)
  • crystal (transparent)
  • metallic (pearl, shining)

providing a wide spectrum of colors. In addition to the standard offering, Belbal produces custom colours for companies with specific advertising needs.

Belbal balloons are available in different sizes. The specifications of Belbal balloons are measured in lab conditions and can differ as environmental conditions change. In order to guarantee an optimum and consistent performance of the balloon on helium and air retention, tensile strength, elasticity and durability at use, Belbal controls the full production process including the latex pre-vulcanization.

Belbal balloons have the Intertek safety certificate (15FUK0149) what gives you the guarantee, the chosen product fulfils the highest standards of safety and health protection.

Heart-shape in white and red colour are available as well. Ballons are matched to Pantone colours (all details you can find in "Download" section on this website). We can make the special balloons' colour on request (minimum order quantity is 200 000 pcs).

Metallic balloons are slightly smaller due to their latex composition.

Diameter (inches) Diameter (cm) Capacity (litres) Weight (g)
5" 13 cm 1 l 1 g
10" 25 cm 7 l 2 g
11" 28 cm 10 l 2,7 g
12"  31 cm 15 l 3,6 g
14" 36 cm 24 l 5 g
24" 61 cm 114 l 24 g
36" 91 cm 380 l 45 g
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