Printed foil (mylar) balloons

Foil balloons (called also mylar balloons) are made of thin, unstretchable, less permeable metallised PET film. They started being produced in the late 1970s. Foil balloons with custom imprints are perfect for point of sale promotions, corporate or charity events, weddings, banquets and other displays, when you need to show your brand logo.

Main advantage of foil balloons is - unlike latex balloons - ability to keep the helium gas for even several weeks. It allows showing your logo relevantly longer. That’s the perfect way to promote you brand for several days conferences and fairs. They don’t need to use the Hi-Float gel.

The second point is definitely bigger printing area, allows to show more advertising information, than onto latex balloons. Foil balloons have an integral self-sealing valve for helium filling and they can be continually reused.

  • Full colour printing; 1 or 2 sides
  • Pantone colours availability
  • Minimum order quantity from 1 pcs!
  • Round-shaped, heart-shaped, star-shaped 18” balloons. Other sizes on request
  • Excellent print quality
  • Wide spectrum of colours
  • Short lead time
balloons colours chart
inks colour chart